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What is Lactalign?

Lactalign is a retrofit cluster support, which has been designed and engineered to support the weight of a milking cluster evenly under the cow, providing equal weight and vacuum across all four quarters of the cow’s udder.

Its simplicity and effectiveness to prevent mastitis has been recognised to win a Gold Innovation Award at LAMMA 2023 and a Highly Commended at The Cream Awards 2022.

Manufactured from durable HDPE (high-density polyurethane) hygienic plastic. Lactalign cluster supports can be easily installed in most milking parlours, including rotary, herringbone and rapid exit parlours.

How does Lactalign work?

Lactalign works by supporting the weight of each cluster’s pipes, which in turn supports the weight of the cluster, preventing the weight of the pipes unbalancing the cluster.

An individual Lactalign cluster support is secured to the parlour above each cluster’s pipes, Once the cluster has been fitted to the cow’s udder, the Lactalign support is swung into place by the milker, providing three positions to support the clusters pipes. The milker simply selects which position to mount the pipes, depending on the height of the cluster. The ACR cord should then be located below the pipes (or the same notch if positioning the pipes in the bottom notch).

Once milking is complete the ACR engages, releasing the cluster. The retracting ACR cord and the clever weight distribution of the Lactalign cluster support combine, ensuring the Lactalign automatically swings back out of the way.

Solution image Lactalign.jpg

The effect of Lactalign supporting the weight of the cluster’s pipes


Three generously sized notches allow simple adjustment to suit cluster position and easy positioning of the cluster’s pipes.

The Benefits Lactalign

Lactalign cluster support:

  • Prevents the weight of the cluster’s pipes pulling the cluster off balance.

  • Promotes complete milking of the cow by presenting the cluster evenly under the cow, removing the bias and providing an even load across all four quarters of the cow’s udder.

  • Can reduce the number of kick-offs and liner slips, allowing the milkers to focus on cleaning and preparing udders and not worry about reattaching or repositioning clusters.

  • Can help reduce mastitis by reducing the damage caused by uneven milking. Particularly where there is a bias between cases in the front or rear quarters.

  • Is simple and quick to use. Taking only a moment to swing into position, and with generously sized notches to hold the pipes, Lactalign is user-friendly.

  • Provides three simple hose locations, allowing milkers to quickly select the correct position.

  • Is a low-cost solution, which can be easily retrofitted to many existing parlours.

  • Swings out of the way when not in use, allowing easy attachment of the cluster.

Lactalign swings out of the way when not in use.

Lactalign swings out of the way when not in use

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