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Lactalign milking cluster support 2


Latest photos and videos of Lactalign in action in the milking parlour

Metcalfe Farms BouMatic Rotary Parlour

Unique design - the ACR cord pulls the support over naturally

Lactalign is installed on all 72-points of BouMatic rotary at Metcalfe Farms

Herringbone Twisted Lactalign

Lactalign v Case of Mastitis.png

Lactalign supports installed on a BouMatic Rapid Exit Parlour

BouMatic Rapid Exit Parlour

LAMMA Innovation Award 2023 Lactalign.jpg

Gold LAMMA Innovation Award for Lactalign

Lactalign takes seconds to put in place

Lactalign on a BouMatic 72 point Rotary

Lactalign in resting position on rotary

DeLaval Rapid Exit Parlour

GEA Herringbone Parlour

Lactalign supports - Rapid Exit Parlour  

Lactalign rapid exit parlour in Dorset photo 1.jpg

Lactalign in use - Rapid Exit Parlour  

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