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The Results Are In! Rapid Exit Study

To know if Lactalign is doing the job it is meant to, we get it independently tested and verified.

The first set of results is in for a Rapid Exit Parlour and it is excellent to confirm the positive difference Lactalign is making:

The units are installed on a BouMatic Rapid Exit Parlour used to milk a herd of 800 cows three times a day. The owner of the NMR Gold Cup Winning herd is very happy with the improvements Lactalign is bringing to the herd's welfare, milking operations and the milking team. Lactalign was installed in his parlour in November last year as you can read about here.

The independent study is being carried out by Ian Ohnstad an internationally recognised specialist in milking technology who works with dairy farm clients across the globe.

Details about Ian's study on the impact of Lacatlign in a rotary parlour can be found here and his detailed conclusions here.

A final assessment visit takes place next month on 14 April so we will have even more data on using Lacatlign in a Rapid Exit Parlour. Watch this space!

While the units being assessed are installed on BouMatic, Lactalign will work on all brands of Rapid Exit milking parlour. To discuss ordering Lactalign for your dairy farm get in touch.

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