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Lactalign milking cluster support 2

Are your clusters sitting evenly?
Balance the Bias with Lactalign 



Simple & Effective

An award-winning dairy palour solution that takes seconds to put in place

LandPowerTV interview

LandPowerTV interview


“The device is simple to use and robust and has reduced the frequency of front quarter mastitis infections at Washfold Farm.”

Ian Ohnstad

Consultant, The Dairy Group

The impact has been better than we could have hoped for. Lactalign has played a significant contribution to the reduction in mastitis in the front two teats (quarters) which can clearly be seen in our mastitis records.”

Philip Metcalfe

Partner, Metcalfe Farms

The rotary is a very busy place, we all are used to using it now with no problems. We are seeing the benefits like less clusters kicked off for instance.”

Jayne Smith

Milker, Metcalfe Farms

Lactalign In Action 

Lactalign milking cluster support


  • Is Lactalign suitable for all types of milking palour?
    Lactalign is suitable for modern milking set-ups including Rotary, Herringbone and Rapid Exit parlours. Please contact us if you have any query relating to its suitability for your palour.
  • How do you use Lactalign?
    It is simple - to use the Lactalign raise the blue arm and place the milk pipe, twin pulse tube and ACR cord in the slot that makes the milk pipe and twin pulse tube horizontal. It is ideal, but not essential, to place the ACR cord in the same or the slot below the slot the pipes are in. In a rotary milking parlour it is best practice to place the ACR cord in the middle or bottom slot. When the ACR cord retracts, the Lactalign will be pulled over first and then the milking cluster will be removed from the cow. The video clip shows the ACR cord helping to lift the pipes out of the slot, this is why we recommend the ACR cord be in the same slot or below the pipes.
  • Is Lactalign difficult to use?
    It takes seconds to put in place and uses the ACR cord to pull it out of the way once the cow has finished milking. Although using Lactalign may seem to add time to the attachment of the cluster to a cow, the reduction in liner slips, clusters being kicked-off and reattachment will make milking easier. You probably are already doing something to try and stop by liner slip, kick-offs and reattachments. The chances are by using Lactalign it will be quicker and easier.
  • Has Lactalign been independently tested?
    Yes. An independent study was carried out by the Dairy Group's Ian Ohnstad at Metcalfe Farms' dairy unit. Details are outlined on the Results page here. Ian is an internationally recognised specialist in milking technology. He leads The Dairy Group team of milking technology specialists, and given his considerable experience, Ian is often requested to manage field trials and product evaluations. Full details of his expertise are available here.
  • What is unique about the Lactalign design?
    The Lactalign shape is offset/off-centre which works to help it drop naturally. The ACR cord pulls the device over - unique to Lactalign design. It drops out of the way easily to clear the cow without the animal getting caught up in the pipe.
  • Is Lactalign subject to a patent?
    Lactalign has GB Patent pending No. GB210744809.
  • Is Lactalign manufactured in the UK?
    Yes, Lactalign is proud to be manufactured in the UK.
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